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Punjab Agri Expo 2019 is continuing effort to set fertile grounds for fruitful collaborations and business ventures with national and international players in agriculture industry. Various sectors that are highlighted in the expo are growers, processors, exporters, machinery manufacturers, support services providers, financial institutions and allied stakeholders of agriculture industry. The grand expo provides a unique opportunity to local and international exhibitors to market their products in Pakistan and develop linkages.
Punjab Agri Expo 2019 is your opportunity to share the centre stage with Pakistan’s leading growers and companies in the agriculture industry, who will be showcasing their products, innovations and current developments.

  • I Punjab Agri Expo 2019 is the most significant trade
    show in Pakistan on agricultural produce and associat-
    ed industries with visitors number reaching an approximate figure of 15,000.
  • The Expo is supported by Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Punjab, thereby providing an opportunity for participants to interact with the nation’s policy makers,
    other dignitaries and delegates.
  • Unique exhibition enabling more than 5,000 progres-
    sive farmers to participate from all over Punjab.
  • Opportunity to showcase agriculture products/services in a secure and peaceful environment to a large target audience and get a competitive edge.
  • Increase exports through fruitful BZB and BZC interactions with prospective national and international busi-
  • Perfect platform for foreign entrepreneurs/companies to
    get first-hand information about investment in Paki-
    stan’s agriculture sector.

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